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walked out of his jeans and shorts. Still sucks his daftporn cock took his hard penis hot, thick hand. I covered it with both hands and began to masturbate as fast as I could. Even deep throat my cock, Carlo was always there fast ! I cried, I 'm running. He got a hot load and I give him credit, he swallowed it all. I fell back, spent. He still had daftporn his cock in his hand when he turned away and told me that out of my jeans. They were around my ankle, so it was daftporn easy. He became the arm of my overstuffed leather chair and felt the head of his thick, wet cock pushes his ass. He spat on his fingers and daftporn lubricated me. Then he got into my tight ass. It felt so good, I pushed him and slammed the beauty all the way intor my hole. Then he took it and, while I slowly circled my hips. daftporn I knew there was great resistance, and it felt so good, I do not want it to end. Both for me to worry about Bi With each stroke my own flaccid penis grew stronger. Just before the big climax I knew I would have my ass. I was rock hard now and cream leaked from the tip of my cock. Whe
Quotes n Carlo increases the speed of his fucking faster and faster, it felt like a freight train entgegenkam a wall and then he arrived. And came and came. When he pulled out his flaccid penis in my ass wet driping that pushed him over the couch nearby, face down. It felt so good, I said, let me return the favor. The head of my erect cock was creamy in advance, when relieved his ass. Inch by inch, until he took all the 7 " from me. He has the ass and squeezed my cock rhythmacally. He felt so strong and took me in and out, faster and faster. As much as I did could not handle Carlo "Resistance. I gave up and swam inside her sweet ass with my hot milk. After catching our breath, we took turns washing dishes in the bathtub. I arrived first and gave us a couple of whiskeys. Carlo went back into the room and settled in the big chair. We smiled at each other when we finished our drinks. I stood up and suggested to get a big bloody steak. Carlo agreed and then when we went to say my car, when we finished eating, going to a kitten. Sounded good to me. I'm easy ! How does the old saying ? If I'm not the tail I love, I love the fuck I am.


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Carlo walked into the office at the end of the day at another job ready to celebrate. The work we had to do many things I had not had the opportunity to talk about the last night with Jean. It turned out that we shared over Jean that night. The two share a lot of them. For my part I felt a little ashamed, because there was no intimate relationship. who served us whiskey and Carlo usual sat in front of me. We sat for daftporn a full minute before taking our drinks Carlo smiled and said : That was a good night hellova, daftporn right? The ice is broken, I returned the smile and agree with him. We sat in silence and finished the first Scottish. Carlo stood and served two more. He approached me and sat me on the table and reached out and opened my pants and pulled my dick. After a few strokes, I had all my 7 " greeted him. He rubbed up and down, faster and faster. As usual, my cock betrayed me with a few drops of cream in his head. Knealt Carlo down and led himin the mouth and licked and sucked desperately at least 10 minutes. When I could not stand it much longer, my cock guttural. No stroke or suck, bent down and opened it and